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The OilRig Malware Threatens Doom
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Cyber attacks are commonplace, to the extent minor attacks do not even make news now. However, one malware that has made stakeholders take notice is the “OilRig” backdoor malware. The malware first made its appearance in May 2016, targeted oil companies in Saudi Arabia, and of late has been trying to infiltrate government entities and organisations in Israel, Turkey, Qatar, and the U.S. 

The malware makes its entry through spear phishing attempts, using malicious Excel documents that distribute the malware using macros. When employees download the email attachment, the...

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Product Information
MasterCard Launches a Biometric Payment App
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For a long time, online shoppers have had to remember passwords in order to authorize payments. This is a time consuming method and customers can abandon or have their transactions rejected if they enter the wrong password. This trend is coming to an end with the current innovation by MasterCard. The payments giant has recently rolled out a new payment app known as Identity Check Mobile. This app allows online shoppers to authorize payments through biometrics such as facial recognition and fingerprints. The motivation behind the development of the app is to provide secure and convenient...

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Interview: “it-sa is more important now than ever for business customers!"
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it-sa, the most important IT security trade fair in Germany, opens its doors from October 18 to 20, 2016. In an exclusive interview, Frank Venjakob, the Executive Director of it-sa, discloses what we can expect on the trade fair grounds in Nuremberg this year.


Itsecurity-xpert.com: In times of comprehensive online connections, how up-to-date are offline trade fairs? What is the specific added value of an offline event, especially in the field of IT security?

Frank Venjakob: IT security is a complex and often sensitive issue for all involved. In the B2B area, a standard product or a...

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How To Improve Accountability For Cyberattacks

Almost all organisations nowadays have taken steps to prevent cyberattacks. The final responsibility for ensuring that confidential information is secure rests with managers. When a serious CyberA occurs, most people rush to protect their reputation from harm. 

In order to be completely free from blame when a cyberattack occurs, companies must take responsible steps to manage the damage from an unfortunate event. This applies to everyone involved in the process, from security teams to management. All stakeholders must fully understand the risks that develop daily. Plans must be in...

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Inside Story
Dropbox scandal: 68 million passwords for sale on dark web?
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This could be worrying for all Dropbox users; if that includes you, make sure to change your password as soon as you finish reading this article. Even if you're not a Dropbox user, there are some important lessons to be noted about on-line security.


Dropbox: A titanic security breach

Recently (August 31st, 2016) news surfaced about a massive security breach that involved as many as 68 million passwords – all of which are reportedly for sale on the dark web marketplace "TheRealDeal" by someone calling themselves "DoubleFlag", for 2 Bitcoin (worth just...

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Inside Story
Pegasus: the malware that turns an iOS device into a surveillance tool

Following investigation into two suspicious text messages received by well-known human rights activist Ahmed Mansoor, the latter half of August has seen widespread alarm and swift action by Apple to limit the effects of sophisticated malware known as Pegasus. Simply opening a link in the text messages can install spyware on the phone which would allow instigators to download data and, more eerily, listen in on communications. By using the phone’s own camera and microphone, tracking whereabouts and recording calls and messages, a mobile phone could allow outsiders to spy on personal...

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Product Information
What You Need To Know About LOGICnow
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LOGICnow is a multi-device, IT service management platform. It's basic functionality is to provide IT users with means of linking up their various IT needs under one single management platform. This means a business can handle it's email systems, payment systems, planning and logistics systems all under one program that works both onsite and offsite, on mobile devices as well as standard computing hardware.


The Benefits

The benefits with LOGICnow are much the same as with any IT service management platform. It provides a shared system that can be logged onto by any employee,...

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Product Information
Could Rapid7 Nexpose Series be the solution to the IT-Security?

Rapid7 engineers better IT security with innovative and simple solutions for most critical issues. According to Rapid7, their analytic solutions carefully analyse, contextualize and correlate the security data you need to detect a compromise and reduce threat exposure. Besides, the security data generates specific information that will help your organization improve system security. They also allow visibility of the content of your network as well as assets and offer information on vulnerabilities and prevalent threats to your organization.

Rapid7 Nexpose series is a product that has...

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Network security with SAINT

The SAINT Security Suite is a clever piece of software allowing you to see your network's vulnerability, all for a very affordable price. You can buy the software as a standalone package or as part of a piece of hardware that's been previously configured. Saint can be used to scan, thanks to the integration of SAINTexploit, as well as to manage your network, or a combination of these functions together. It's ideal for complicated networks and has a user-friendly interface, allowing an administrator to carry out auditing tasks to ensure total network compliance.

When SAINTbox...

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Inside Story
Twitter Hacked? Password Reset Conundrum

Twitter has denied server hacking caused it to force millions of users to reset passwords. The company states that more than 32 million user accounts were locked because they had been subject to theft by a variety of methods. 

The dark web information upload of 32 million Twitter user accounts details, including passwords, user names and email addresses has raised concerns about the security of the company's servers and an investigation is underway to ascertain just when and how the information was amassed. 

Twitter says the amalgamation of data feel that a breach of this...

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