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What You Need To Know About LOGICnow
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LOGICnow is a multi-device, IT service management platform. It's basic functionality is to provide IT users with means of linking up their various IT needs under one single management platform. This means a business can handle it's email systems, payment systems, planning and logistics systems all under one program that works both onsite and offsite, on mobile devices as well as standard computing hardware.


The Benefits

The benefits with LOGICnow are much the same as with any IT service management platform. It provides a shared system that can be logged onto by any employee,...

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Product Information
Could Rapid7 Nexpose Series be the solution to the IT-Security?

Rapid7 engineers better IT security with innovative and simple solutions for most critical issues. According to Rapid7, their analytic solutions carefully analyse, contextualize and correlate the security data you need to detect a compromise and reduce threat exposure. Besides, the security data generates specific information that will help your organization improve system security. They also allow visibility of the content of your network as well as assets and offer information on vulnerabilities and prevalent threats to your organization.

Rapid7 Nexpose series is a product that has...

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Network security with SAINT

The SAINT Security Suite is a clever piece of software allowing you to see your network's vulnerability, all for a very affordable price. You can buy the software as a standalone package or as part of a piece of hardware that's been previously configured. Saint can be used to scan, thanks to the integration of SAINTexploit, as well as to manage your network, or a combination of these functions together. It's ideal for complicated networks and has a user-friendly interface, allowing an administrator to carry out auditing tasks to ensure total network compliance.

When SAINTbox...

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Inside Story
Twitter Hacked? Password Reset Conundrum

Twitter has denied server hacking caused it to force millions of users to reset passwords. The company states that more than 32 million user accounts were locked because they had been subject to theft by a variety of methods. 

The dark web information upload of 32 million Twitter user accounts details, including passwords, user names and email addresses has raised concerns about the security of the company's servers and an investigation is underway to ascertain just when and how the information was amassed. 

Twitter says the amalgamation of data feel that a breach of this...

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Inside Story
Malware Attack on Facebook Users through Google Chrome
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Malware attacks on Facebook are not uncommon, especially given the popularity of the site. The current attack is on Facebook users using Google Chrome. What happens is that a Facebook user is scammed into downloading the malware through a notification. The comment tagging feature of the social site is what acts as a carrier for the malware. A user gets a notification of a comment tag from a “friend” in their email or on the app and when the link is clicked, the malware downloads. If a user goes as far as to click the downloaded link, the malware infects the device. The problem...

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Cerber Ransomware - Holding Your Personal Files To Ransom

Stories about Cerber Ransomware have been cropping up all over the internet, and for good reason. This is a piece of ransomware developed to hold personal files at ransom and even has the capability to create fake system alerts and speak in a robotic voice to its victims. The Cerber Ransomware is capable of encrypting personal files, such as photos, documents and other private information. Once files have been encrypted, the ransomware will speak to those that fall victim to it, stating that their files have been encrypted. 

The Ransom
Those who fall victim to this scam will then be...

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Product Information
The benefits of eScan antivirus software
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If you want to save your computer from viruses, an active anti-virus software is essential. A tried-and-tested anti-virus that offers a good balance of features and performance is eScan. This software has proven to be effective in detecting and removing malware, spyware, and many other viruses. 

When experts recently tested eScan, they found that it did well against widespread spyware and had no false detections. AV-Comparatives awarded this program for its excellent performance in detecting malicious files. 

Most anti-virus programs use firewall to stop network attacks,...

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Product Information
Building Bridges between Learners and Tech Superstars
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The Internet of Everything (IoE) is a concept that has catalysed some potent techniques for carrying the internet of things into the lifes of all communities across the world. ModKit is among the most exciting developments of the movement. It’s designed to open up the world of programming to learners who are either young or young at heart. With a what-you-see-is-what-you-get interface, you simply need to drag and drop objects in order to create microcontrollers and real world devices.

Because the language is event-based, users can learn to code intuitively, picking up the syntax...

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Android Apps May No Longer Require Passwords
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This June, Google's Project Abacus, which was launched at a conference last year, is expected to see real-world tests. Last week, Dan Kaufman, Google's director of Advanced Technology and Projects group, announced that several major financial organisations are involved in the trial, and will start testing a Trust Application Programme Interface (API) that offers an alternative to passwords, using machine intelligence for user authentication purposes. The outcome of the forthcoming test could mean that the Trust API will become widely available by this December. 


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Advanced Network Security Measures with AlienVault
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Network security is an element that businesses and organisations take very seriously. A lot of operations and communications go through different networks and it is necessary to ensure that the right protection is available. AlienVault caters to this need by providing companies with threat detection products. With so many threats out there, it has become necessary to undertake stricter network protection measures. 

What it Offers
AlienVault’s USM (Unified Security Management) platform offers more advanced features than a typical, SIEM device. Any IT professional that wants to...

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