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"Employees need seamless and secure access to corporate resources wherever they work."
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No matter for what reasons – teleworking, customer visits, remote office - employees are increasingly no longer working in the office. In order to secure sensitive company data outside their own building, companies need an appropriate concept. How does a Zero Trust based UEM fit in?

As traditional network perimeters become obsolete, organizations need a mobile-centric, trusted approach that validates each device, establishes the user context, verifies app authorization, validates the network, and detects and resolves threats before granting secure access to a device or user. They need...

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Watch out, cryptography!
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"Backdoors" are the rule.

Testing hardware and debugging software is not trivial today. How do you test millions of lines of code or billions of transistors? The more complex the technology, the more creative approaches are needed. Cryptographic systems often present an additional challenge. After all, many testing procedures are ultimately about checking whether the system delivers the output that matches the input. Cryptographic methods can also be reliably tested with known input-output pairs. Such input-output pairs are called test vectors and are usually provided by the...

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Ransomware and Co: Mobile Security Remains a Challenge
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A link in an online forum advertises the best mobile app available - without further information about the content, without screenshot, without technical data. An IT professional would never click such a link. Or? Well, a large number of forum visitors have done it and thus launched a new avalanche of Android Ransomware.


Anatomy of a Ransomware Attack

Android Filecoder.C is the name of the blackmailer Trojan whose rapid spread ESET has been observing since mid-July. The strategy of the ransomware can now be understood relatively clearly: Via an infected link in online forums, the...

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The Tank-Crackers of the 21st Century: New Alliances Against Banking Trojans
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March 2018: Europol succeeds in striking a decisive blow against organised cybercrime. Over five years, a professional hacker gang had captured one billion euros. Among the victims were 100 banks from over 40 nations. With the help of infiltrated malware, the criminals had not only managed to manipulate the account balances of bank customers, but also to dispense this money at will via regular ATMs. Anyone hoping for an end to the cyber attacks against banks after the successful Europol strike should be informed of this as early as June 2018: This time hackers managed to capture 10 million...

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"Cyberattacks are an opportunity in themselves."
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German companies and decision-makers are still hesitant when it comes to the digital transformation of their businesses. Especially in an international comparison, Germany is lagging behind. Innovations are only implemented when an (international) proof of concept has been provided. Where does this hesitation come from? 

Neff: I don't quite share this opinion in practice. Often it is not obvious to the outside world in which stages the digital transformation is taking place. The big success is still the unachieved goal, but many sub-areas - even those of the public sector - are...

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Human Risk Factor – Potential Analysis Shows: Cyber Security Needs More IT Specialists and Greater Security Awareness
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In September 2018, Sopra Steria Consulting and the F.A.Z.-Institut conducted an online survey of 308 specialists and decision-makers from various industries. The survey focused on experiences, measures and challenges relating to IT strategies and cyber attacks in the company itself. The result shows: There is still too much carelessness in dealing with cyber security. Conversely, companies with a high level of security awareness suffer from a shortage of skilled personnel in their search for suitable specialists. An increase in security budgets is on the agenda for most companies. 


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Deloitte Cyber Security Report 2018: A deceptive feeling of security
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Most mistakes happen when people lull themselves into safety. Cyber security in particular proves that perceived security and weakening security measures are an invitation to attacks. A recent survey by Deloitte confirms that digitization is not a safe business. Half of the companies surveyed for the Deloitte Cyber Security Report 2018 stated that they are confronted with attacks daily or several times a week. At the same time, the perceived frequency of hacker attacks on companies is countered by a decreasing risk awareness among top managers. 


Cyber attacks...

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How companies protect themselves: These are the 5 most popular antivirus programs
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There are many solutions against cyber threats on the market, but companies are mainly interested in one. This is shown by a recent flash study by itsecurity-xpert.com in cooperation with the digital marketing suite selfcampaign. From January to October 2018, the team analyzed the most popular articles on anti-virus solutions on affiliated partner websites. The result should surprise many specialists.


Five companies but only one winner

The result of the study knows a clear winner, four second placed and the one or another question mark. With 20% of all relevant article readers for...

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IT Security 2018: These were the 3 big concerns of IT managers
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Thinking of the IT security incidents of 2018, threats like Spectre, Coinhive and Scarab come to mind. These were events that were covered by the media and attracted widespread attention. And they were examples that made it clear that IT security in companies is more relevant than ever before. But do these incidents also reflect the issues that most interest IT decision-makers? An exclusive flash study by itsecurity-xpert.com now provides insightful answers. In cooperation with the B2B platform selfcampaign, we have scrutinised the online behaviour of IT decision-makers. The study is based...

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Insights for CISOs from the Recent Fortinet Threat Landscape Report
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Keeping the much-needed pace with the current changes in the security and treat landscape is a massive task. Over time, Chief Information Security Officers have discerned which ones have actionable recommendations and insights and those that overhype their findings and provide essential or useful intelligence that any firm can act upon. 

Recently, Fortinet which is a global security leader released the findings of the latest quarterly Threat Landscape Report. This research reveals that security threats are currently on the rise and undergoing an evolution to become more sophisticated....

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