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The Most Stubborn Myths About Email Encryption
Thumb totemo e mail verschluesselung

Email encryption is an important way to protect sensitive data. However, many companies still do without it. They find the technology too expensive, too complicated, or even unnecessary. It's high time to get rid of these stubborn myths.

Email encryption? – I don't need it! This may be what some small or medium-sized companies think. What do I have to hide? Who argues in such a way, goes into dangerous terrain. Because in fact it is legally prescribed to encrypt e-mails with personal data - and not only since the new EU data protection basic regulation. This was...

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DigiCert Survey: The Corporate Losses Associated With the IoT Security
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The Internet of Things is currently ramping up, with 92% of companies indicating that it will be essential in the next two or three years. Organisations that are not prioritising the security for their Internet of Things deployments may encounter significant losses upwards of hundreds of millions of dollars.

The current state of the Internet of Things Security Survey by the DigiCert company explores common practices and security behaviours among the best firms. Here are the main findings of the survey. 


Main Findings 

The recent study from the DigiCert, Inc., which is a...

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Latest research shows that corporate IoT security is a major concern for many businesses
Thumb iotsicherheitsstudie

Technology security specialists DigiCert have released a study revealing that many organisations are sustaining significant financial losses as a result of insecure IoT environments. Digicert estimates that 25 percent of IoT companies have sustained financial losses of approximately £34 million in the last two years. 

Why are these companies losing so much money?

IoT organisations are primarily losing money because of weak security. This makes them more susceptible to attacks by hackers and data thieves, and DDoS attacks are on the increase. 


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Securing Your Mobile Applications from Cyber Threats 
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Mobile applications are powerful business tools that facilitate communication, transactions, and business continuity. As smartphone usage increases over the world, there is an urgent need to secure applications for the protection of both user and company data. 

To ensure the perfect functioning of apps, it is essential for developers to put in place a mobile security testing strategy that will unearth any security loopholes and subsequently fix the issues to thwart any attempted hacking, tapping or other cyber threats. 


Why It Is Crucial To Test Mobile Security 


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Applications of Machine Learning in Cybersecurity
Thumb machinelearning cybersecurity

Currently, most vendors are talking about machine learning and artificial intelligence. But what are they, and what do they do? Machine learning is a branch of information technology that allows computers and other devices to learn new behaviours and changes based on empirical data. 

The main goal is to design and develop algorithms that will allow computers to react to changes and display behaviour learned from their past experiences without human interaction. Since computers are able to learn, it is essential to understand how machine learning and artificial intelligence can benefit...

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Cybersecurity for Hospital Executives – Give Your IT Systems a Health Check
Thumb itsecurityhospital

Data protection is a hot topic at the moment, especially when it comes to the secure storage of sensitive personal information. So what steps can hospital executives take to ensure that their cybersecurity is up to par? 

Use the Latest Operating Systems and Software

The older your operating system or software is, the more likely it is to have vulnerabilities. While installing updates regularly can seem costly and time-consuming, it’s still the best way to keep the data stored on your system secure. 

Establish Stringent System Access Procedures

Ensuring that...

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How to Build a Water-Tight Cybersecurity Strategic Plan
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As an IT expert in a management position, cybersecurity should be one of your top priorities. Implementing new security measures in your organisation comes with some challenges, but is a big step towards protecting your organisation. Here are tips that can help you to run a cybersecurity project smoothly: 


Do Thorough Research before You Start 

It is vital to learn from people with experience in your road to creating a leadership-level security plan. Since you are likely to be the leader of cybersecurity in your company, you will have to study resources from other...

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Benefits of Low Codes Platforms for businesses
Thumb lowcode plattformen

The demand for app developers is growing immensly while there are very few developers available in the market. This has pushed most companies to use low coding platforms to solve the shortage problem with little help from an IT specialist, and create software applications for their businesses. 


About Low-codes Platforms 

They are development platforms that allow the creation of application software by only using graphic user interface (UI), instead of the normal programming codes. The platforms allow users to create apps through dragging and dropping...

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What Is DevSecOps?
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DevSecOps means "development, security and operations", and is the idea that everybody involved in the process of software development is also responsible for its security. With the increased reliance on computing technology in a rapidly changing world, businesses and their customers alike need to be confident that their data is being kept secure. By incorporating security processes into the development stages, instead of leaving it until the end, the necessary checks can be embedded, and many can also be automated. 


Why switch to DevSecOps? 

Traditionally, a...

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Germany's New Cybersecurity Agency
Thumb cybersicherheitsagentur

An announcement was made on Wednesday by the German government about the creation of a new security agency that will be responsible for the study and innovation of Germany's state of the art defence and security technology. The acency ought to start business as soon as possible and aims at having 100 employees. This can only happen after the Finance Ministry gives its consent since the agency will be set up as a limited liability corporation. If everything goes according to plan, then the agency can be operational as early as the start of 2019. 


The Agency 


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