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The Use of AI in IT Security
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Advancements in computing power have seen the rise in the use of AI technologies by organizations as they aim to bolster cybersecurity. AI works by automating complex processes to help detect, analyse and react to security breaches. While the use of AI is increasing, it does not necessary mean that security personnel are no longer needed. Its main aim is to compliment conventional protocols to help organisations better deal with cybersecurity issues.


Advantages provided by AI in cybersecurity

Since AI uses Machine Learning, it adapts over time, which makes it easy to deal with the...

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Do You Need SIEM Systems?
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Security information and event management (SIEM) software is meant to collect data from multiple networks and check for any unusual activities. In this way, the systems maintain cybersecurity at an advanced level. They can detect any intrusions into your system in real time, meaning your IT team will be able to stop such threats before any damage is done.


Risk Assessment

All companies need a risk assessment tool so that they can determine how secure their networks are. You need to identify and mitigate any attacks quickly or else you will experience massive data breaches. Businesses...

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Intel Lines up Patches for New Spectre Versions
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Intel works to understand and provide solutions to any issues reported to them. This is is done to achieve their goals of keeping their products safe while protecting their client's data. 

Just like in the past, bugs have been found to breach the security of their well developed system. Meltdown and Spectre are some the common security flaws that have been identified before. Both of them were attributed to the design of their microprocessor chips. The kernel memory found on the x86 processor chips were affected in the previous bug discoveries.


Spectre Next Generation

This is...

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Cyberthreats are constant – your security should be too
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Continuous Security Monitoring (CSM) is the most effective response yet to the changing nature and frequency of cybersecurity threats. Not knowing when a threat will materialise, or what its source will be, has meant that increasing numbers of organisations are now opting for constant surveillance. CSM is far more than the firewalls, anti-virus checkers and email monitors that most organisations already have. It combines aspects of audit and risk assessment with enhanced security to employ surveillance where it really matters.

To implement a CSM system, the organisation first has to...

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How DNS Hijacking Threatens You Online
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Normally, when users enter a domain name into the browser, the Domain Name Server (DNS) maps it into its corresponding IP address. A DNS attack occurs when the malware overrides the TCP/IP settings of the system, to redirect queries made to the DNS. The individual behind the attack directs traffic to a website of choice. DNS hijacking occurs in two ways. One method infects computers with malware, rendering it incapable of translating the domain address entered by the user to its matching IP-address. The other method involves hacking specific websites and changing their DNS addresses.


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Learn About Hacktivism
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Hacktivism is becoming increasingly popular. More and more people are jumping on the bandwagon of spreading their causes through this unique concept.


What is Hacktivism?

Hacktivism or hactivism can be defined as using computer networks or computers in a subversive manner to spread a personal agenda of a political or social nature. At times, big international organisations and powerful countries pump in large amounts of money just to perpetrate hacktivism. However, some individuals and small establishments choose to do it even without funding.


The Development of Hacktivism


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Practical Advice
Dangers of Insider Threats to companies data
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When it comes to cyber security threats, insider threats rank amongst the top culprits. One of the main reasons they are dangerous is because companies give more priority to other frequent threats such as malware attacks, hacking, and ransomware attacks among others. In addition, insider attacks may not be entirely malicious, with most of them being accidental. However, in this age of technological advancement where we are witnessing unprecedented growth in cloud storage, companies face even bigger threats in ensuring their data is safe.


How it happens

It can accidentally happen when...

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Practical Advise
How to improve cyber security awareness
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Hackers and scammers are always ahead of their game in trying to cause cybersecurity threats. They do this by creating malicious viruses and links in an effort to try and extract personal information or individual and an organisation’s operational data. Cyber attacks may paralyse the operations of an organisation and even phish out relevant data that may completely bring a company down.

Everyone needs to be aware of the cyber crimes around them and the possible harm they can cause. It is important to create awareness to individuals and employees at workplaces, to prevent sensitive...

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What is Reverse Engineering?
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Reverse engineering refers to the dismantling or disassembling of an object to determine how it functions for replication or improvement of the same thing. To be precise, the term means a hack of an already existing coded software. Instead of building something from the conception stage, one takes up an object and works their way rear-ward to determine its working principle

The technique is widely adopted in the computer and software industry. Developers can thereby retrieve source codes through reverse-engineering. They reverse program codes back to the source code. If, for...

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Crytojacking Won’t Kill Your Computer, but May Wreck Your Nerves
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Crytocurrencies such as Bitcoin should be familiar to you, but do you know cryptomining? Most importantly, do you realize how it has opened the doors to cryptojacking? If not, this article will provide a surprising overview. 

In a world increasingly greedy for crypto coins, cryptomining is the apex of resource exploitation. It is also arguably the most annoying computer threat ever created, since rather than interfering with your machines for the sake of disruption alone, cryptomining fiends just borrow some of your computing resources – often so discretely that you may...

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