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Theft by Pisher using counterfeit Google Drive page
Theft by Pisher using counterfeit Google Drive page
Time icon24 March 2015, 12:02 pm
The Internet offers the user more comfort, including cloud services include, with those stored in the same files easily and can be exchanged. Cyber ​​criminals use this in their own way, to gain access to the personal data of internet users. A new scam is an imitation of the famous Google Home Drive. Users give this a fake website their credentials that are intercepted after addition to their personal information from the scammers.

This new trick of cyber criminals finds its beginning in a non-hazardous appearing email. In this, the receiver is made to a file in PDF format, which can be retrieved via Google Drive. However, anyone who clicks on the file, do not come to the popular service, but a fake home. The user types a now his access information and the PDF file opens. Hide instead of malware information about the financial world in it. The trick is so well realized that he deceives many users. A big difference to the original page there are: Also persons with other credentials as a provider of the Gmail to login to pishen these data.

Once, as always, is therefore considered that no attachments should be opened by unknown persons when they are not expected. The same counts for unknown Web addresses.