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Mobile Security - A priority in the modern age
Mobile Security - A priority in the modern age
Time icon15 April 2016, 12:00 pm

Whilst improving mobile security it is an IT department’s job to improve efficiency at the same time. It is not enough to simply build walls around an enterprise when so many companies are heavily reliant on the internet and outside collaboration. 

Mobile Security Should Not Hinder Business Processes
It is possible to use mobile devices to engage with new and existing customers using an efficient and flexible approach. Businesses both cannot afford to hinder this process with restrictive mobile security, or risk allowing mobile technology and mobility to provide chinks in their armour for online malcontents, competitors and hackers to exploit. There is a balancing act taking place where IT departments and security teams have to make it possible for staff to work in the way they want, unobstructed by security rules.

Previous Predictions Have Proven Incorrect
Mobile devices have not been bombarded with malware as most people predicted, and this is for two reasons. The first reason is because of the efforts of operating system developers, and the teams that work on the Apple and iTunes stores, the Android Play store and the Microsoft stores. They have ensured that most downloads people enact within their mobile devices are safe. The second reason is because there are far easier ways to steal information or gain access to a company’s system, such as through cracking or social media.

Where Does The Danger Lie?
Most businesses are also aware that their biggest threat to security is their own staff, be it through wilful negligence, misbehaviour, or outright betrayal. Sometimes doing things such as setting policies that ban or block social media use on company equipment is enough to significantly lower the amount of stolen information and adopted malware. Though it is imperative that the IT department and security team set up safeguards, backups and policies that affect a company’s technology directly, it is also important that the human element of a company is taken into account.