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More Than 100,000 systems infected by NSA spyware
More Than 100,000 systems infected by NSA spyware
Time icon 8 May 2017, 15:24 pm

It has recently been brought to public that a surprising number of computer systems are infected with a national security spyware. This insightful knowledge was made possible by the creative work of a cyber security expert named Luke Jennings. He is a security researcher at Countercept, an IT security enterprise.

According to Jennings, his actions were motivated by the news that certain high-profile cyber weapons had leaked from NSA. He developed a script that was able to detect the spyware Doublepulsar.


Over 100,000 systems infected world-wide

The security experts who have used the script have already uncovered over 100,000 systems all over the world that had already been infected by the implant. The number could be higher since the script is only able to detect the spyware if the system has not been rebooted yet. If the system is restarted, it loses its memory signature and the script cannot detect the presence of the spyware.

The script requires one to have some programming skills. Therefore, not everyone might be able to utilise it. However, for those who can, it can be found on GitHub for free. Jennings recently updated the script so that it can uninstall the NSA spyware if it is detected.

According to a scan done by BeyondEdge, it was found that the US had the highest number of infected systems. It was followed by other countries such as the UK, Germany and Japan. Subsequent scans revealed an increasing number of other infected systems all over the globe.


Older systems are at risk

This revealed that most of the systems which are at risk are the ones that have old and unprotected windows systems. These systems are vulnerable for attacks by other cyber criminals. For improved security, it is advised to upgrade the systems and ensure that they are always protected against the cyber threats.