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Largest IT Security Exhibition Fare IT-sa
Largest IT Security Exhibition Fare IT-sa
Time icon10 August 2017, 8:18 am

Have you ever thought what would happen, if IT systems in your organisation become vulnerable to security threats? Losing the information stored in the systems is likely to occur. Alternatively, the threats can destroy entire computer databases leading to adverse losses in the firm. Such damage happened, when a software called Wanna Cry ransom paralysed hundreds of thousands of computer programmes, including; systems used in hospitals and the German railway. Following this, IT-sa will be holding once again the largest IT security fair in Europe. From October 10th-12th, the exhibition will show the companies and institutions, how they can improve and protect themselves from various security threats.


Reports from IT-sa Executive Director

The Executive Director of IT-sa, Frank Venjakob, announced a promising report on the attendance of the exhibition. He declared that many companies are registering for the show, including firms from Israel; Cronus, cyber Technologies, Cyber SecBi, Secdo and Illusive Networks, organisations from France; Idnomic, TheGreenBow and Quarkslab and several corporations from Czech; Network Security Monitoring Cluster, Norvicom and Datasys.

The Director stated that IT-sa is targeting more people than the previous 2016 exhibition, and therefore, it needs to create more space to accommodate the visitors. Consequently, 25% more space is already on the booking, and the exposition will occupy two halls; Hall 9 and 10, of the Nuremberg Exhibition Centre. 


Objectives of IT-sa Exhibition Fare

The IT-sa will be able to address IT security issues affecting the countries all over the world, including France, Israel and the Czech Republic. In the exhibition, IT-sa will come up with strategic solutions against security threats in several areas of information systems, including; software hardware and research. Moreover, the exposition will have an open forum, where they will discuss matters pertaining industry expertise and the modern IT security issues.

By the way: itsecurity-xpert.com is an official media partner of the it-sa 2017!