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Do You Need SIEM Systems?
Do You Need SIEM Systems?
Time icon17 May 2018, 9:05 am

Security information and event management (SIEM) software is meant to collect data from multiple networks and check for any unusual activities. In this way, the systems maintain cybersecurity at an advanced level. They can detect any intrusions into your system in real time, meaning your IT team will be able to stop such threats before any damage is done.


Risk Assessment

All companies need a risk assessment tool so that they can determine how secure their networks are. You need to identify and mitigate any attacks quickly or else you will experience massive data breaches. Businesses with critical data should consider using SIEM software to prevent such events.

Large organizations with a lot of data to log are highly likely to need the automation offered by SIEM systems. They also have more funds and can justify the cost of these systems. Smaller organizations with important data should definitely consider using this software, but they are usually able to stay secure with alternative systems.


SIEM Systems for Compliance

To stay in line with compliance laws, companies may have to use this software to capture information on security incidents. You may need to log relevant security events, define potential threats and record the actions you have taken to address the threats. SIEM systems can perform all of these actions automatically, including the documentation of the risks.

Even if your company does not have any compliance requirements, it is likely that you are under a public policy that requires you to follow the ‘best practices’. Not all security systems can meet these requirements, but SIEM software will surely be sufficient. If there is any chance that new laws will force you to use SIEM systems, it would be better to simply get them sooner.