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The Use of AI in IT Security
The Use of AI in IT Security
Time icon25 May 2018, 14:05 pm

Advancements in computing power have seen the rise in the use of AI technologies by organizations as they aim to bolster cybersecurity. AI works by automating complex processes to help detect, analyse and react to security breaches. While the use of AI is increasing, it does not necessary mean that security personnel are no longer needed. Its main aim is to compliment conventional protocols to help organisations better deal with cybersecurity issues.


Advantages provided by AI in cybersecurity

Since AI uses Machine Learning, it adapts over time, which makes it easy to deal with the ever increasing generations of malware and cyberattacks. They do this by relying on data from previous attacks to respond to newer but similar cyber risks. In addition, AI has the ability to detect malware and cyber threats that are difficult to detect using conventional protocols. AI also enables organisations to free up personnel by automating the process of dealing with threats. This way, security personnel can use most of their time dealing with more complex and emerging cyber-threats. It also enables acceleration of threat detection, which gives security personnel the opportunity to deal with the security threats before it can cause any extensive damage.


Challenges facing the use of AI in cybersecurity

While AI does a great job in enhancing cybersecurity, it can be open to vulnerabilities, since attackers are also beginning to employ AI technologies in their cyberattack toolbox. This means that they too are beginning to develop automated hacks, which enables them to identify and take advantage of vulnerabilities in the security systems of organisations. These limitations mean that security experts will be needed to work hand in hand with AI technologies to solve complex cybersecurity challenges.