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What Is DevSecOps?
What Is DevSecOps?
Time icon14 September 2018, 10:09 am

DevSecOps means "development, security and operations", and is the idea that everybody involved in the process of software development is also responsible for its security. With the increased reliance on computing technology in a rapidly changing world, businesses and their customers alike need to be confident that their data is being kept secure. By incorporating security processes into the development stages, instead of leaving it until the end, the necessary checks can be embedded, and many can also be automated. 


Why switch to DevSecOps? 

Traditionally, a software package will be designed, security features added to this, and then it will be tested to find any gaps. Before the program is released, these issues can be corrected. However, this is not a fast process, and it is now unable to keep up with demand. Adding security this way can also negatively impact software functions. 

Using DevSecOps processes instead means that security is built into the program from the very beginning, reducing the risks of a breach. Testing of security can be continuous throughout, just as the testing of various functions will be, and this allows changes to be made much more quickly. 


Benefits and Challenges of DevSecOps 

Businesses that have introduced this mindset have seen improved security and fewer breaches, along with a shorter time with which vulnerabilities are fixed, which is a key measure for effectiveness. DevSecOps teams take approximately half the time that is needed in a more traditional approach to address any problems that arise. 

However, there are still only a small number of people knowledgeable enough to implement the process, and an assumption in many companies that once security is in place, it is not necessary to do anything further. However, there is no single solution to security, as demands are continually changing.