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How to optimize the security of your endpoint devices!
How to optimize the security of your endpoint devices!
Time icon 9 May 2014, 13:22 pm
The security expert Absolute Software puts an ITSM-solution on the market covering all integrated functions for the management and securing of terminal devices: The new 8.1 ITSM-solution. This solution is based on the Absolute-Unified-IT-concept which is aimed at the provision and application of a unified and simple IT- management.

This solution blends seamlessly with the existing solutions Absolute Manage and Absolute Computrace, making possible the management, securing, and surveillance of terminal devices over the Absolute-Service-operating panel. Moreover, this integration leads to a process optimization by the automatic activating of incident- and problem management or change processes in case of Computrace alerts.

This has one thing going for it. And that is the central management of all terminals over one operating panel. In many companies, different independent systems are required for several management-activities when using terminals. That goes along with an inefficient and complicated work procedure. This is where Absolute Software starts with their new solution, for by the central management of all terminal devices over one panel workflows are significantly optimized and accelerated. Thereby, problems can be tackled faster and more purposefully.

Not only can Absolute Service quickly and easily be integrated into existing cooperate structures, but can also simply be used over Cloud.
This, in turn, has two things going for it. There are significant advantages when it comes to mobile service requests, and there is a simplified remote-access to terminals.