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Dropbox alert: how safe are your data?
Dropbox alert: how safe are your data?
Time icon14 October 2014, 11:41 am
Many Clouds are not really adapted to sensitive company data. It is not just the hackers that cause trouble, in some cases, also providers generate insecurity, as one single and small programming error can prove sufficient for having your data disappeared forever. Dropbox delivered a characteristic example: user data disappeared without users having taken any related action. But, Dropbox rejected any possible hacker attack and blamed a domestic programming error to be the source for the loss of data. Yet, for security reasons, all customers were summoned to change their passwords.

Certainly, a regular change of your password constitutes a useful measure in the obvious data jungle. In fact, there is no positive correlation of the system error and the necessary password change. Dropbox is used by many people to communicate private photographs and other data. Many employees use this service as to classified company-internal communication as well, as employers do not provide them with an appropriate system. Usually, worries only appear when things are over and done with. The system by Dropbox, particularly provided for companies, is rarely used.

Data-protection experts advise against even greater damage regarding the use of Clouds by companies, as these require a significantly higher security standard than currently provided by the established Clouds. It is not just the company`s data that need to be vitally protected, customer data need to be perfectly protected as well. Sealed Cloud by the Munich technology company Uniscon facilitates data access in the Cloud with just one password and a key that is newly-generated by every access. This innovation was awarded the technology price “Trusted Cloud”. It shows companies the way to secure deployment of Clouds, appropriate company-internal communication, and to ideal administration of customer data. Uniscon developed IDGARD, a Sealed-Cloud based service providing the best encoding as to the transmission of data. Aside from the close-to-perfect encoding, further valuable features in terms of company-data transfer are available.