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The underestimated danger of DDoS-attacks
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Arbor Networks and Exclusive Networks have analyzed how companies think about DDoS-attacks. They have made a survey with 300 european companies to see, how they think about the risk potential for their own company.

The experts were surprised about the results, especially the different ways to think about the own risk.

Most companies are aware of the danger DDoS-attacks have for a company and the high risk and damages these attacks can bring. But they dont see their own company as potential target. They are aware that service provider, shops, gaming-sites and other platforms are potential...

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How secure is payment via NFC?
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The number of smartphones with NFC technology is growing and more and more manufacturers and service provider are starting to use it. It is used for sending documents from smartphones to printers, as keycard to access offices or server rooms and a new service is payment using NFC.

In some other countries NFC is already in use for payment. In German companies are starting to build up an infrastructure for NFC payment. Shell for example wants to use NFC payment in 2014 for its 2200 gas stations.

But even if this technology is available for lot of uses, there is still some mistrust for using it...

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Small and medium businesses in focus
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The news reports are filled with big companies that are victims of cybercrime and have lost lots of money. But there are only a few reports about small and medium businesses that were attacked. Therefore these smaller companies often think they are safe because of their size, but this is not true.

There are only a few reports in the news about attacks on these smaller companies, because they are less important for the media industry and the market as the big players. But for criminals the number of targets is one important point, and there is a big target group in SMB. There are 80,000,000...

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IT-Security as part of the latest election campaign
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TeleTrusT (Bundesverband IT-Sicherheit e.V.) has checked and compared the election programs of the parties based on IT-Security and Data-Protection.

For the big parties IT-Security is important, but there are different ways and ideas how to manage this in the future. The facts presented by TeleTrusT show that IT-Security is most important for the CDU with main focus on data-security in companies. The CDU want to build up Germany as market leader for cybersecurity. FDP and SPD think this is the responsibility of the companies, but CDU sees the responsibility for this in the politics. Grüne,...

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How to close security threats in time with Patch-Management
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Whatever operation system or application you are using in your company, there is always one security risk left: security threats, that were overseen from the software company itself. These security threats can cause big security risks if they are not fixed in time.

Criminals are sometimes faster as the publisher in finding these security threats, so it is important to focus on closing these security threats as fast as possible as part of the security strategy in a company.

A good and fast strategy for handling these risks is the usage of a patch management system like ProSoft Shavlik Protect....

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Best mobile Security to pay by installments
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Encryption specialists Digittrade set the focus on high security. Their hardware encrypted hard disks stand for best mobile security. These systems guaranty high security due to two-factor-authentication by smartcard and 8 digit PIN plus 256 bit AES full disk hardware encryption in CBC-mode for best security for your data.

The hard disk solution HS256S was build based on the regulations of the Bundesamtes für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik (BSI) and is the first mobile hard disk that got the seal for data protection from Unabhängigen Landeszentrums für Datenschutz (ULD), and the...

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The new quarterly threat report Q2 2013 published by McAfee
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Once in a quarter security specialists like McAfee publish their new threat reports to show some actual trends in cybercrime and the new threats for IT-departments and users. The new Q2 report from McAfee show that cybercrime is getting more target oriented and getting technical perfection. Mobile devices are still in focus for cyber attacks.

Especially for smartphones there is much more attention needed to avoid security threats. Android is still target number one for cybercrime and harmless looking apps could cause big security risks while spying for personal data.

The 2 factor...

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6 months endurance test for 28 Internet Security Suites
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The experts of AV-Test have set up a 6 months endurance test for most of the internet security suites available on the market. Main focus for these tests were system-performance and usability and especially the ability to identify new security risks.

These test systems were set up on Windows XP, 7 and 8 and for benchmarks the security solutions that are already included in Windows were used as reference. Except one security suite all solutions had a much better performance than those already included in Windows. These results display, that it is recommend to use a specialized security suite...

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Mac users still think they are totally save
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“If you want to surf the web with no risk, use a Mac” this statement was state of the art in the past. And a lot of Mac user still think they are safe because they work on Macs. But time has changed an Mac users are no longer safe, because there are more and more security threats for Mac user now.

In the past Apple products were used by professionals and specialist only who really needed the power of Mac and are willing to spend the money. But iPhone and iPad are now trendy products everyone wants to use and lot of people now complete their product line and are switching to Mac computers and...

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The sensitive use of social networks
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Social networks are part of daily life. If you use Facebook, Twitter, Xing, LinkedIn or whatever. For business you can use Xing and LinkedIn to get business contacts or Facebook in your free time to stay in contact with friends.

But most users are not aware of risks using these networks in their daily life. SpaceNet has made a workshop where they have shown their clients how easy it is to use these networks for criminal intrigues. Lot of the clients were surprised about the results.

Most people know to be careful about the things you are posting. Bad posting or drunken photos from last...

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