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Deloitte Cyber Security Report 2018: A deceptive feeling of security
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Most mistakes happen when people lull themselves into safety. Cyber security in particular proves that perceived security and weakening security measures are an invitation to attacks. A recent survey by Deloitte confirms that digitization is not a safe business. Half of the companies surveyed for the Deloitte Cyber Security Report 2018 stated that they are confronted with attacks daily or several times a week. At the same time, the perceived frequency of hacker attacks on companies is countered by a decreasing risk awareness among top managers. 


Cyber attacks...

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How companies protect themselves: These are the 5 most popular antivirus programs
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There are many solutions against cyber threats on the market, but companies are mainly interested in one. This is shown by a recent flash study by itsecurity-xpert.com in cooperation with the digital marketing suite selfcampaign. From January to October 2018, the team analyzed the most popular articles on anti-virus solutions on affiliated partner websites. The result should surprise many specialists.


Five companies but only one winner

The result of the study knows a clear winner, four second placed and the one or another question mark. With 20% of all relevant article readers for...

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