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DigiCert Survey: The Corporate Losses Associated With the IoT Security
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The Internet of Things is currently ramping up, with 92% of companies indicating that it will be essential in the next two or three years. Organisations that are not prioritising the security for their Internet of Things deployments may encounter significant losses upwards of hundreds of millions of dollars.

The current state of the Internet of Things Security Survey by the DigiCert company explores common practices and security behaviours among the best firms. Here are the main findings of the survey. 


Main Findings 

The recent study from the DigiCert, Inc., which is a...

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Latest research shows that corporate IoT security is a major concern for many businesses
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Technology security specialists DigiCert have released a study revealing that many organisations are sustaining significant financial losses as a result of insecure IoT environments. Digicert estimates that 25 percent of IoT companies have sustained financial losses of approximately £34 million in the last two years. 

Why are these companies losing so much money?

IoT organisations are primarily losing money because of weak security. This makes them more susceptible to attacks by hackers and data thieves, and DDoS attacks are on the increase. 


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Securing Your Mobile Applications from Cyber Threats 
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Mobile applications are powerful business tools that facilitate communication, transactions, and business continuity. As smartphone usage increases over the world, there is an urgent need to secure applications for the protection of both user and company data. 

To ensure the perfect functioning of apps, it is essential for developers to put in place a mobile security testing strategy that will unearth any security loopholes and subsequently fix the issues to thwart any attempted hacking, tapping or other cyber threats. 


Why It Is Crucial To Test Mobile Security 


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