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How Machine Learning Looks to Damage Cyber Security in 2018
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If there is a rapidly evolving industry, it has to be the cyber security industry that is forecasted to become a $232 billion market in the next four years. Recent breakthroughs on matters to do with machine learning mean that Artificial Intelligence-enabled technologies currently in place are gaining traction. However, the cyber security industry seems to be locked into some of the early stages of what appears to be a security arms race with hackers.


Possible ways hackers could use to tamper with cyber security

A host of cyber security experts believe that machine learning in...

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These Are The Different Types of Penetration Testing
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Penetration testing, pen-testing or ethical hacking are names given to the process of checking the vulnerability of a network, a computer system of a web-based application. In this era where cybercrimes have escalated, systems need to stay guarded and all loopholes sealed. There is no better way to do this other than thinking like a cyber attacker. Pen testing can either be done manually by qualified personnel or automatically by the use of a software application. The following are the different types of pentesting between which you can choose:


Targeted Penetration Testing


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Improving Employee Awareness for Effective Security Policies
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Cybersecurity threats are a great cause for concern for organisations because they don’t just result in monetary losses, but also damage the reputation of a company. As technology continues to thrive, businesses are becoming more connected, meaning that a compromised network in one can affect multiple entities. For this reason, traditional security measures like firewalls don’t provide the same guarantees. The need to develop more robust security solutions that respond to modern threats has led to the conclusion that humans are the answer.


Human Behaviour and Security


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Creating a Good Disaster Recovery Plan
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What will you do when your enterprise is suddenly without electricity – for a week? Organization operations may be affected unexpectedly in case unplanned incidences occur. Disasters as such can result from human error, power outages, virus attacks and other causes. It’s the role of the management to set measures to ensure that the business can deal with these tragedies when they occur: A disaster recovery plan (DRP) is a documented approach for strategies to be used as a response in case unplanned events occur. A DRP must have all steps to be followed during such...

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