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Practical Advise
How to improve cyber security awareness
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Hackers and scammers are always ahead of their game in trying to cause cybersecurity threats. They do this by creating malicious viruses and links in an effort to try and extract personal information or individual and an organisation’s operational data. Cyber attacks may paralyse the operations of an organisation and even phish out relevant data that may completely bring a company down.

Everyone needs to be aware of the cyber crimes around them and the possible harm they can cause. It is important to create awareness to individuals and employees at workplaces, to prevent sensitive...

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What is Reverse Engineering?
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Reverse engineering refers to the dismantling or disassembling of an object to determine how it functions for replication or improvement of the same thing. To be precise, the term means a hack of an already existing coded software. Instead of building something from the conception stage, one takes up an object and works their way rear-ward to determine its working principle

The technique is widely adopted in the computer and software industry. Developers can thereby retrieve source codes through reverse-engineering. They reverse program codes back to the source code. If, for...

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Crytojacking Won’t Kill Your Computer, but May Wreck Your Nerves
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Crytocurrencies such as Bitcoin should be familiar to you, but do you know cryptomining? Most importantly, do you realize how it has opened the doors to cryptojacking? If not, this article will provide a surprising overview. 

In a world increasingly greedy for crypto coins, cryptomining is the apex of resource exploitation. It is also arguably the most annoying computer threat ever created, since rather than interfering with your machines for the sake of disruption alone, cryptomining fiends just borrow some of your computing resources – often so discretely that you may...

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German government attacked by hackers
Thumb bundesverwaltung hack

Hackers penetrated the German's government main system, using highly intricate software. The hack has sparked an outroar among government officials, especially since some found out only through the media. 


Government Hack confirmed

On Thursday last week, German lawmakers demanded answers over why they were not duly informed on the system attack that had become public on Wednesday. According to reports, the German parliamentary committee was infuriated by the hack, calling it a 'veritable' attack on the state's network

Its believed that the hack...

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Why macOS users should be worried
Thumb apple gera%cc%88te

There is a common myth among many computer users that the Mac operating system is more secure and not prone to viruses. However, this is a dangerous misconception. One of the main reasons why people think this way is not because macOS is more secure than Windows, but because many hackers find it more lucrative to target Windows systems which have a larger market share compared to macOS. Windows accounts for almost 91.76% of the market while macOS only has 6.19%.


Malware in macOS

While malware is rare on the Mac, 2012 saw a spike of Malware attacking the system, with 11 new...

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