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How Hackers are Using Modified Malware for Cryptomining
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Over the years, hackers have used Ransomware to blackmail computer users. Ransomware is a malicious malware that encrypts computer files. They then ask for ransom from the PC owners to remove the malware. However, these hackers have turned to a new tactic of infecting computers with a malware that enables them to mine cryptocurrencies with your computer, without your knowledge of course.


How hackers are using coinhive to mine cryptocurrencies on your computer 

Coinhive is a JavaScript code that is attached to certain web pages and is used to mine cryptocurrencies each time you...

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The Use of AI in IT Security
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Advancements in computing power have seen the rise in the use of AI technologies by organizations as they aim to bolster cybersecurity. AI works by automating complex processes to help detect, analyse and react to security breaches. While the use of AI is increasing, it does not necessary mean that security personnel are no longer needed. Its main aim is to compliment conventional protocols to help organisations better deal with cybersecurity issues.


Advantages provided by AI in cybersecurity

Since AI uses Machine Learning, it adapts over time, which makes it easy to deal with the...

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Do You Need SIEM Systems?
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Security information and event management (SIEM) software is meant to collect data from multiple networks and check for any unusual activities. In this way, the systems maintain cybersecurity at an advanced level. They can detect any intrusions into your system in real time, meaning your IT team will be able to stop such threats before any damage is done.


Risk Assessment

All companies need a risk assessment tool so that they can determine how secure their networks are. You need to identify and mitigate any attacks quickly or else you will experience massive data breaches. Businesses...

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Intel Lines up Patches for New Spectre Versions
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Intel works to understand and provide solutions to any issues reported to them. This is is done to achieve their goals of keeping their products safe while protecting their client's data. 

Just like in the past, bugs have been found to breach the security of their well developed system. Meltdown and Spectre are some the common security flaws that have been identified before. Both of them were attributed to the design of their microprocessor chips. The kernel memory found on the x86 processor chips were affected in the previous bug discoveries.


Spectre Next Generation

This is...

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Cyberthreats are constant – your security should be too
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Continuous Security Monitoring (CSM) is the most effective response yet to the changing nature and frequency of cybersecurity threats. Not knowing when a threat will materialise, or what its source will be, has meant that increasing numbers of organisations are now opting for constant surveillance. CSM is far more than the firewalls, anti-virus checkers and email monitors that most organisations already have. It combines aspects of audit and risk assessment with enhanced security to employ surveillance where it really matters.

To implement a CSM system, the organisation first has to...

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