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Benefits of Low Codes Platforms for businesses
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The demand for app developers is growing immensly while there are very few developers available in the market. This has pushed most companies to use low coding platforms to solve the shortage problem with little help from an IT specialist, and create software applications for their businesses. 


About Low-codes Platforms 

They are development platforms that allow the creation of application software by only using graphic user interface (UI), instead of the normal programming codes. The platforms allow users to create apps through dragging and dropping...

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What Is DevSecOps?
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DevSecOps means "development, security and operations", and is the idea that everybody involved in the process of software development is also responsible for its security. With the increased reliance on computing technology in a rapidly changing world, businesses and their customers alike need to be confident that their data is being kept secure. By incorporating security processes into the development stages, instead of leaving it until the end, the necessary checks can be embedded, and many can also be automated. 


Why switch to DevSecOps? 

Traditionally, a...

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Germany's New Cybersecurity Agency
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An announcement was made on Wednesday by the German government about the creation of a new security agency that will be responsible for the study and innovation of Germany's state of the art defence and security technology. The acency ought to start business as soon as possible and aims at having 100 employees. This can only happen after the Finance Ministry gives its consent since the agency will be set up as a limited liability corporation. If everything goes according to plan, then the agency can be operational as early as the start of 2019. 


The Agency 


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