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"Employees need seamless and secure access to corporate resources wherever they work."
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No matter for what reasons – teleworking, customer visits, remote office - employees are increasingly no longer working in the office. In order to secure sensitive company data outside their own building, companies need an appropriate concept. How does a Zero Trust based UEM fit in?

As traditional network perimeters become obsolete, organizations need a mobile-centric, trusted approach that validates each device, establishes the user context, verifies app authorization, validates the network, and detects and resolves threats before granting secure access to a device or user. They need...

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"No plans to get an update": Vulnerability in Android continues
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For days now reports have been circulating on the Internet about significant vulnerabilities in the Android browser, which make smartphones externally vulnerable. Even more surprising, however, was the statement from Google that they are not planning an update to close this gap. Not merely a few critics and experts are speaking of a lifelong vulnerability and criticising the US company for its inaction. It affects smartphones that use an older operating system.

Google advises affected users to use a new Android system, which is not affected by the vulnerability. The cost for an update,...

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IT-Security in BOYD-environments using Secure Workspaces
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Employee access to corporate data must be flexible and secure. Employees use either their own devices or the company’s equipment in the office, at home or when they are on the move. They use the same programs everywhere in the Windows-environment that is familiar to them so that they can save time and avoid mistakes. Accesses outside the company should not pose any risk to personal data of the employees or the company data. Dell offers its Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) that meets this requirement. It includes the Dell Mobile Workspace that provides a container solution. All the...

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The key to success of mobile security
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Not for a long time can one imagine employees` everyday work in companies without mobile terminals. By now, a variety of different devices is deployed, as, for instance, notebooks, tablets, or smart phones. Day by day, enormous amounts of information are generated, collected, stored, processed, and also transferred thanks to efficient software for mobile devices (Mobile Application-Management Solutions) Thus, all the more inevitably is a maximum of data protection, especially with sensitive data. Here, it is decisive that possible security gaps are made visible, entirely tracked down, and...

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6 Best Practices for more security on mobile terminals
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Mobile terminals constitute a double-edged sword. One the one hand, users like the flexibility those devices offer. On the other hand, IT-departments partly regard them as a curse, notably in terms of security, since, especially in dealing with mobile terminals data security has high priority, and only a most intensive and comprehensive security strategy ensures that IT-departments can be dead certain that data- or identity theft does not occur.
Hence, Dell has released a list of 6 Best Practices that enables users to create quite a safe work environment in which company data- and...

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How to optimize the security of your endpoint devices!
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The security expert Absolute Software puts an ITSM-solution on the market covering all integrated functions for the management and securing of terminal devices: The new 8.1 ITSM-solution. This solution is based on the Absolute-Unified-IT-concept which is aimed at the provision and application of a unified and simple IT- management.

This solution blends seamlessly with the existing solutions Absolute Manage and Absolute Computrace, making possible the management, securing, and surveillance of terminal devices over the Absolute-Service-operating panel. Moreover, this integration leads to a...

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A virus analyst talks about IT-security
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At the CeBIT we were able to talk with Mr. Kollberg (Senior Virus Analyst in the Global Research and Analysis Team of Kaspersky Labs). He gave us some interesting insights into his vision about IT-security from the standpoint of a specialist, who is confronted with thousands of threats in his daily job.

Daily Business is working with 315,000 threat each day, that are identified by the systems of Kaspersky Labs. Most of them could be managed automatically to generate counteractions. With this automation it is guaranteed that the most threats are harmed in a few minutes due to the cloud...

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