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"Cyberattacks are an opportunity in themselves."
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German companies and decision-makers are still hesitant when it comes to the digital transformation of their businesses. Especially in an international comparison, Germany is lagging behind. Innovations are only implemented when an (international) proof of concept has been provided. Where does this hesitation come from? 

Neff: I don't quite share this opinion in practice. Often it is not obvious to the outside world in which stages the digital transformation is taking place. The big success is still the unachieved goal, but many sub-areas - even those of the public sector - are...

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Do You Need SIEM Systems?
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Security information and event management (SIEM) software is meant to collect data from multiple networks and check for any unusual activities. In this way, the systems maintain cybersecurity at an advanced level. They can detect any intrusions into your system in real time, meaning your IT team will be able to stop such threats before any damage is done.


Risk Assessment

All companies need a risk assessment tool so that they can determine how secure their networks are. You need to identify and mitigate any attacks quickly or else you will experience massive data breaches. Businesses...

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Gemalto Global Cloud Data Security Study: The Cloud As A Risk?!
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Many european countries have always focused on protecting the assets stored in their corporate clouds. One of these is UK and Germany. However, the United Kingdom now seems to fall behind. This is according to the recent study that Gemalto, a digital security company, has conducted. 


Data Privacy and Protection

The need to regulate data in the cloud has continually been dire since customer information and payment information among other vital information are always at stake, because of their high level of sensitivity. Hence, many companies have...

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Security Concerns Now Boost rather than Inhibit the Cloud
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While the benefits of the cloud are apparent, security concerns have hitherto prevented CIOs and top management from embracing cloud technologies wholeheartedly. However, this is poised to change in 2016. 

Until now, migrating data to the cloud was associated with loss of control over the data, to a third party service provider, and a high risk of data loss. However, of late businesses are doing a rethink, and increasing viewing the cloud as an effective means to keep critical information and systems safe, in the eventuality of a security strike in their on-premises assets. 


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Theft by Pisher using counterfeit Google Drive page
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The Internet offers the user more comfort, including cloud services include, with those stored in the same files easily and can be exchanged. Cyber criminals use this in their own way, to gain access to the personal data of internet users. A new scam is an imitation of the famous Google Home Drive. Users give this a fake website their credentials that are intercepted after addition to their personal information from the scammers.

This new trick of cyber criminals finds its beginning in a non-hazardous appearing email. In this, the receiver is made to a file in PDF format, which can be...

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Microsoft Azure in focus
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Although Microsoft Azure is not the cheapest cloud service available right now, for small businesses it is undoubtedly one of the best around. It’s an extremely slick and multifaceted system, yet for people who have previous experience of Windows software, it’s a breeze to set up and use. Azure comes complete with its own install wizard and runs in conjunction with other Microsoft services like web hosting. Better still there’s no third party involvement, all information is stored in the company’s own managed data centres. Lately, Azure has undergone a revamp and Microsoft has introduced...

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Secure Cloud: companies need to face the matter
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In their latest technology study »Cloud Monitor 2014«, BITKOM provide an acceptance indicator as to Cloud Computing for the third time now. It is getting more and more obvious that companies have increasing concerns as to Cloud security. Trust in the Cloud is dropping, that is, growth is diminishing, which is caused by “NSA Gate“ and the disclosures by Edward Snowden.

Inquiries within companies brought to light serious concerns. First of all, decision makers feel that their sensitive data in the Cloud are not protected in the event of a hacker attack. Another issue constitutes data loss....

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Dropbox alert: how safe are your data?
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Many Clouds are not really adapted to sensitive company data. It is not just the hackers that cause trouble, in some cases, also providers generate insecurity, as one single and small programming error can prove sufficient for having your data disappeared forever. Dropbox delivered a characteristic example: user data disappeared without users having taken any related action. But, Dropbox rejected any possible hacker attack and blamed a domestic programming error to be the source for the loss of data. Yet, for security reasons, all customers were summoned to change their passwords.


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Sandboxing is not as secure as many people think
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The battle against cybercriminals is like the arms race of the big nations during the cold war, but this war is already in place and is no longer cold. Security specialist are developing new innovative security setups, only to get a fast answer with new threats that are able to avoid these new setups.

A good method to secure your systems is the sandboxing-technique, that moves suspect files into a quarantine area, where those files are hold back until they are identified as harmless or dangerous. With this technique all other files were save. But the answer were new attackers that includes...

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