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The Cloud-Based Skills Gap: Keeping Pace with a Changing Environment
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Cloud-based computing is normally associated with increased in-house efficiency, superior levels of redundancy and more efficient approaches to IT-based tasks. Unfortunately, this appears to be more of a myth than a reality. Recent research has found that a lack of the appropriate skills is dramatically impacting the potential ROI associated with such systems. Not only can this have a debilitating effect upon day-to-day operations, but this so-called skills gap is also making it difficult for organisations to leverage the power of the cloud to their advantage. What have statistics shown?


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Advancement In Serverless Computing
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Development of serverless computing in the cloud world has grown considerably over the years as a cloud-oriented functioning design that controls vital infrastructure resources. The technology is an efficient microservice architecture that enables programmers to execute functions in the applications, then pay for the expenses incurred by the systems.

Naturally, the technology uses hardware which is a contradiction basing of the name ‘’serverless’’. But the administration of the program is basically “invisible” since the app designers do not...

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Security Concerns Now Boost rather than Inhibit the Cloud
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While the benefits of the cloud are apparent, security concerns have hitherto prevented CIOs and top management from embracing cloud technologies wholeheartedly. However, this is poised to change in 2016. 

Until now, migrating data to the cloud was associated with loss of control over the data, to a third party service provider, and a high risk of data loss. However, of late businesses are doing a rethink, and increasing viewing the cloud as an effective means to keep critical information and systems safe, in the eventuality of a security strike in their on-premises assets. 


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