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The UK Goes Toe-to-toe with WhatsApp and Europe Over Encryption
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There is a face-off between WhatsApp and the UK government happening right now, and the world is watching. 

Frictions surround the use by the Facebook-owned messaging and voice software of end-to-end encryption that makes data impossible to intercept. Communications between criminals or extremists on the system (and similar digital platforms) cannot be monitored, a source of frustration for government. The UK Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, has asked WhatsApp to help them gain this kind of access. The government has the Investigatory Powers Act (also known as the Snoopers...

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European institution ENISA seeks out new competences
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The European Network and IT Security Agency (ENISA), based in Heraklion, Greece, is the agency mandated with improving information and network security in the European Union. 

ENISA, established in 2004, seeks to work closely with citizens, consumers, public sector agencies and other stakeholders to improve the culture of network security. However, it has hitherto been constrained by the abstract task-list given to it. The agency is now seeking a more prominent role, to establish itself as the central authority for cyber security in Europe. It is also positioning itself to...

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