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The Tank-Crackers of the 21st Century: New Alliances Against Banking Trojans
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March 2018: Europol succeeds in striking a decisive blow against organised cybercrime. Over five years, a professional hacker gang had captured one billion euros. Among the victims were 100 banks from over 40 nations. With the help of infiltrated malware, the criminals had not only managed to manipulate the account balances of bank customers, but also to dispense this money at will via regular ATMs. Anyone hoping for an end to the cyber attacks against banks after the successful Europol strike should be informed of this as early as June 2018: This time hackers managed to capture 10 million...

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Deloitte Cyber Security Report 2018: A deceptive feeling of security
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Most mistakes happen when people lull themselves into safety. Cyber security in particular proves that perceived security and weakening security measures are an invitation to attacks. A recent survey by Deloitte confirms that digitization is not a safe business. Half of the companies surveyed for the Deloitte Cyber Security Report 2018 stated that they are confronted with attacks daily or several times a week. At the same time, the perceived frequency of hacker attacks on companies is countered by a decreasing risk awareness among top managers. 


Cyber attacks...

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IT Security 2018: These were the 3 big concerns of IT managers
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Thinking of the IT security incidents of 2018, threats like Spectre, Coinhive and Scarab come to mind. These were events that were covered by the media and attracted widespread attention. And they were examples that made it clear that IT security in companies is more relevant than ever before. But do these incidents also reflect the issues that most interest IT decision-makers? An exclusive flash study by itsecurity-xpert.com now provides insightful answers. In cooperation with the B2B platform selfcampaign, we have scrutinised the online behaviour of IT decision-makers. The study is based...

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Learn About Hacktivism
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Hacktivism is becoming increasingly popular. More and more people are jumping on the bandwagon of spreading their causes through this unique concept.


What is Hacktivism?

Hacktivism or hactivism can be defined as using computer networks or computers in a subversive manner to spread a personal agenda of a political or social nature. At times, big international organisations and powerful countries pump in large amounts of money just to perpetrate hacktivism. However, some individuals and small establishments choose to do it even without funding.


The Development of Hacktivism


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German government attacked by hackers
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Hackers penetrated the German's government main system, using highly intricate software. The hack has sparked an outroar among government officials, especially since some found out only through the media. 


Government Hack confirmed

On Thursday last week, German lawmakers demanded answers over why they were not duly informed on the system attack that had become public on Wednesday. According to reports, the German parliamentary committee was infuriated by the hack, calling it a 'veritable' attack on the state's network

Its believed that the hack...

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Why The Shadow Brokers are Causing More Damage than Snowden
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It could be the largest security breach the N.S.A. has faced since the infamous Edward Snowden case. In fact, many experts say the damage caused by the Shadow Brokers far exceeds that caused by the earlier disclosures of sensitive data made by Snowden. 

What do qe know about the Shadow Brokers?

While the identity of this group and their true intentions are shrouded in mystery, we do know some facts about their activity. They are a group of hackers who first manifested their existence in the summer of 2016, by publishing a set of hacking tools and exploits which had been...

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The Growing Threat of Hackers Within the Energy Sector
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As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, the threat of hackers is now very real. Recent examples such as the global ransomware Petya highlight this point. However, there are some industries which are more vulnerable than others and should their systems become compromised, the results could be grave. One example is the energy sector. The primary reason why this environment is so welcoming to potential hackers is that a maximum amount of disruption can be caused with a relatively minimal amount of effort. As threats continue to emerge, professionals will be forced to take even more...

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Snapchat Data Leak: Exposing User-Based Theft and Threats
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A news report has recently emerged which claims that the personal details of no less than 1.7 million Snapchat users was leaked into the so-called "dark web". It is rumoured that these actions were taken by a group of disgruntled employees who had become offended over a document which quoted CEO Evan Spiegel as claiming India to be a "poor country". Since this information first went public, ratings have taken massive hits across iOS and Android operating devices. Trending tweets including "#BoycottSnapchat" have arisen and while Snapchat has labelled the...

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Inside Story
Internet Users Worldwide Impacted By Cloudbleed Bug
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Cloudbleed is a bug which affects all individuals and companies who rely on Cloudflare for secure data transmission. It also exposes users who utilise the services of companies that Cloudflare provides with web security. 

Cloudflare is utilised by more than 5.5 million sites. The web security supplier is also used indirectly by many more sites. The Cloudbleed bug caused delicate data on sites facilitated by Cloudflare to be accessible to malicious individuals. It allowed information coursing through Cloudflare's system to be spilled onto the Internet. 


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Product Information
HackerOne's free service to open-source projects
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HackerOne has recently announced a free service for open-source projects, which is mainly aimed at offering assistance to project developers who wish to run safe and efficient security programs. This service will help the most vulnerable projects move forward.

In order to qualify for this service, project developers must meet certain requirements. They should have an OSI license and have been active for at least 3 months. These projects should also be willing to provide HackerOne with a link to their website and take an active part in responding to new reports. 

The company,...

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