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"Cyberattacks are an opportunity in themselves."
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German companies and decision-makers are still hesitant when it comes to the digital transformation of their businesses. Especially in an international comparison, Germany is lagging behind. Innovations are only implemented when an (international) proof of concept has been provided. Where does this hesitation come from? 

Neff: I don't quite share this opinion in practice. Often it is not obvious to the outside world in which stages the digital transformation is taking place. The big success is still the unachieved goal, but many sub-areas - even those of the public sector - are...

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Practical Advise
How to improve cyber security awareness
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Hackers and scammers are always ahead of their game in trying to cause cybersecurity threats. They do this by creating malicious viruses and links in an effort to try and extract personal information or individual and an organisation’s operational data. Cyber attacks may paralyse the operations of an organisation and even phish out relevant data that may completely bring a company down.

Everyone needs to be aware of the cyber crimes around them and the possible harm they can cause. It is important to create awareness to individuals and employees at workplaces, to prevent sensitive...

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Practical Advise
These Are The Different Types of Penetration Testing
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Penetration testing, pen-testing or ethical hacking are names given to the process of checking the vulnerability of a network, a computer system of a web-based application. In this era where cybercrimes have escalated, systems need to stay guarded and all loopholes sealed. There is no better way to do this other than thinking like a cyber attacker. Pen testing can either be done manually by qualified personnel or automatically by the use of a software application. The following are the different types of pentesting between which you can choose:


Targeted Penetration Testing


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Gemalto Global Cloud Data Security Study: The Cloud As A Risk?!
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Many european countries have always focused on protecting the assets stored in their corporate clouds. One of these is UK and Germany. However, the United Kingdom now seems to fall behind. This is according to the recent study that Gemalto, a digital security company, has conducted. 


Data Privacy and Protection

The need to regulate data in the cloud has continually been dire since customer information and payment information among other vital information are always at stake, because of their high level of sensitivity. Hence, many companies have...

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Meltdown & Spectre: The Two Bugs that Can Penetrate Your Processor
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Processors are designed to protect the most sensitive memory part of billions of computers. So what happens, if the processor can no longer accomplish this task? Recent research conducted by Google's Project Zero Team indicates that two primary flaws are affecting modern computers running on Intel, AMD, and ARM processors.

The flaws which are now referred to as Meltdown and Spectre work by isolating untrusted computer programs from accessing some processes on the device or the deep layers of the OS where sensitive information is stored. Hackers are only required to run a certain...

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Multi factor Authentication Fights Back Against Hackers
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Multifactor Authentication (or MFA for short) is a security method that uses more than one type of authentication to check a user’s identity when logging in or completing a transaction. The goal is to build several layers of defense against hackers trying to gain access to accounts, computers, networks, or databases. 

What is MFA?

MFA uses a combination of two or more independent methods of checking identity. These include something a user knows, something they physically have in their possession or a physical trait they possess. If a hacker defeats one of these checks,...

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Practical Advice
4 Measurements to protect your business from ransomware attacks
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Ransomware has been a dangerous threat to many small and large businesses for over six years now. Unfortunately, this type of cybercrime isn’t going away, but it can be prevented. Here are some tips on how you can protect your business from ransomware attacks. 


1. Update your computer system regularly

Cyber criminals usually find it easier to attack older versions of operating systems and browsers. However, if you keep all your business computers constantly updated, hackers will be less prepared to attack them as they won’t be able to figure out how to compromise the...

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Practical Advice
Embracing Shadow IT in businesses
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What happens when employees feel that the IT department is not being innovative enough to fulfilling their needs? Employees may become less innovative and inefficient in their duties, but with the pressures of performing on today's workplace, they tend to find solutions elsewhere. This is why shadow IT is quickly growing as an alternative solution.


What is Shadow IT?

When technology is implemented by an individual or team without the approval of the IT team it is shadow IT. For example, an entire department may decide to use a different cloud computing environment from the rest...

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Why cyber wars are a real threat
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In recent years, cyber conflict has become cheap, dangerous and increasingly rampant. From the recent allegations of Russia interfering with the US-election to North Korea hacking Sony because it dissaproved a particular movie, the world seems to be trending on dangerous grounds. It could only be a matter of time before a cyberwar escalates into real war. However, the future is not all bleak if some principles are established to determine how governments conduct themselves when it comes to cyber conflict. 


The changing face of cyber conflict 

While it used to...

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The Growing Threat of Hackers Within the Energy Sector
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As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, the threat of hackers is now very real. Recent examples such as the global ransomware Petya highlight this point. However, there are some industries which are more vulnerable than others and should their systems become compromised, the results could be grave. One example is the energy sector. The primary reason why this environment is so welcoming to potential hackers is that a maximum amount of disruption can be caused with a relatively minimal amount of effort. As threats continue to emerge, professionals will be forced to take even more...

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