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DigiCert Survey: The Corporate Losses Associated With the IoT Security
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The Internet of Things is currently ramping up, with 92% of companies indicating that it will be essential in the next two or three years. Organisations that are not prioritising the security for their Internet of Things deployments may encounter significant losses upwards of hundreds of millions of dollars.

The current state of the Internet of Things Security Survey by the DigiCert company explores common practices and security behaviours among the best firms. Here are the main findings of the survey. 


Main Findings 

The recent study from the DigiCert, Inc., which is a...

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IoT makes increased DDoS more likely!
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DDoS attacks are not something new. They have been around since at least 2000. It’s unlikely that such attacks will go away. The increasing growth in the number of Internet of Things (IoT) devices means that DDoS attacks will expand in the years to come. Although massive DDoS attacks grab headlines, what most affects business is the increasing size of the attacks. That's what the most recent research from Akamai found. 


The Rise of DDoS

The rising number of IoT devices coming online over the next few years will have an impact on DDoS attacks. This is down to the poor...

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Protecting the industrial Internet of Things
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In a study conducted by Tripwire and Dimensional Research, ninety-six percent of organisations stated that they expect to experience an increased volume of cyber security attacks on the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

The IIoT creates the backbone of most organisations and major infrastructure. The attacks could target companies which provide energy, healthcare, utilities, emergency services, banking and even the government.

Whilst ninety-six percent expect to see an increase in activity, this is not the worrying figure. The survey results showed that fifty-one percent were not...

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Product Information
Building Bridges between Learners and Tech Superstars
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The Internet of Everything (IoE) is a concept that has catalysed some potent techniques for carrying the internet of things into the lifes of all communities across the world. ModKit is among the most exciting developments of the movement. It’s designed to open up the world of programming to learners who are either young or young at heart. With a what-you-see-is-what-you-get interface, you simply need to drag and drop objects in order to create microcontrollers and real world devices.

Because the language is event-based, users can learn to code intuitively, picking up the syntax...

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