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How companies protect themselves: These are the 5 most popular antivirus programs
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There are many solutions against cyber threats on the market, but companies are mainly interested in one. This is shown by a recent flash study by itsecurity-xpert.com in cooperation with the digital marketing suite selfcampaign. From January to October 2018, the team analyzed the most popular articles on anti-virus solutions on affiliated partner websites. The result should surprise many specialists.


Five companies but only one winner

The result of the study knows a clear winner, four second placed and the one or another question mark. With 20% of all relevant article readers for...

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VPN Filter More Dangerous Than Assumed
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The malware "VPNFilter" was discovered in May, and it quickly became evident that the malware was wide reaching, and dangerous. Now that the infection has had time to spread, however, we are starting to appreciate exactly how dangerous. 


A Huge Number of Vendors Affected 

The list of affected devices is, essentially, a who’s who of router makers. Asus, D-Link, ZTE, Huawei, UPVEL and Ubiquiti are all on the list, as well as TP-Link, Linksys, Netgear, and numerous other manufacturers. The only piece of good news, so far, is that the vulnerable pieces of...

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Why macOS users should be worried
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There is a common myth among many computer users that the Mac operating system is more secure and not prone to viruses. However, this is a dangerous misconception. One of the main reasons why people think this way is not because macOS is more secure than Windows, but because many hackers find it more lucrative to target Windows systems which have a larger market share compared to macOS. Windows accounts for almost 91.76% of the market while macOS only has 6.19%.


Malware in macOS

While malware is rare on the Mac, 2012 saw a spike of Malware attacking the system, with 11 new...

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How Machine Learning Looks to Damage Cyber Security in 2018
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If there is a rapidly evolving industry, it has to be the cyber security industry that is forecasted to become a $232 billion market in the next four years. Recent breakthroughs on matters to do with machine learning mean that Artificial Intelligence-enabled technologies currently in place are gaining traction. However, the cyber security industry seems to be locked into some of the early stages of what appears to be a security arms race with hackers.


Possible ways hackers could use to tamper with cyber security

A host of cyber security experts believe that machine learning in...

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IoT makes increased DDoS more likely!
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DDoS attacks are not something new. They have been around since at least 2000. It’s unlikely that such attacks will go away. The increasing growth in the number of Internet of Things (IoT) devices means that DDoS attacks will expand in the years to come. Although massive DDoS attacks grab headlines, what most affects business is the increasing size of the attacks. That's what the most recent research from Akamai found. 


The Rise of DDoS

The rising number of IoT devices coming online over the next few years will have an impact on DDoS attacks. This is down to the poor...

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New Botnet Persirai detected
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A new Internet of Things (IoT) botnet which has been targeting over 1,000 IP camera models has been discovered. Persirai targets Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) products from various companies which have different names for their cameras, although they are equally affected by the new botnet. This attack follows the 2016 Mirai which was an open-source backdoor malware that compromised IoT devices such as CCTV cameras and Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) via Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS). This bonnet, however, is completely different from Mirai in term of attack module, infect...

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More Than 100,000 systems infected by NSA spyware
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It has recently been brought to public that a surprising number of computer systems are infected with a national security spyware. This insightful knowledge was made possible by the creative work of a cyber security expert named Luke Jennings. He is a security researcher at Countercept, an IT security enterprise.

According to Jennings, his actions were motivated by the news that certain high-profile cyber weapons had leaked from NSA. He developed a script that was able to detect the spyware Doublepulsar.


Over 100,000 systems infected world-wide

The security experts who have used...

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The Effective way to Counter Malware
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The most prolific kit today is the RIG; it has helped to bridge the gap left after the Neutrino, Angler, and Nuclear departed. The Cisco Talos scientists have decided to make things clear in regard to the development of the potent EK with some hopes to counter the RIG EK threat. Similar to uncovering the various EK threats, the way to stop infection rates will largely depend on how they can identify the routes of infection and how they are able to bypass the security device and software.

Just like other exploit kits, RIG is redirecting the various victims to the exploit kit by using gates....

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The OilRig Malware Threatens Doom
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Cyber attacks are commonplace, to the extent minor attacks do not even make news now. However, one malware that has made stakeholders take notice is the “OilRig” backdoor malware. The malware first made its appearance in May 2016, targeted oil companies in Saudi Arabia, and of late has been trying to infiltrate government entities and organisations in Israel, Turkey, Qatar, and the U.S. 

The malware makes its entry through spear phishing attempts, using malicious Excel documents that distribute the malware using macros. When employees download the email attachment, the...

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Twitter Hacked? Password Reset Conundrum
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Twitter has denied server hacking caused it to force millions of users to reset passwords. The company states that more than 32 million user accounts were locked because they had been subject to theft by a variety of methods. 

The dark web information upload of 32 million Twitter user accounts details, including passwords, user names and email addresses has raised concerns about the security of the company's servers and an investigation is underway to ascertain just when and how the information was amassed. 

Twitter says the amalgamation of data feel that a breach of this...

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