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Ransomware and Co: Mobile Security Remains a Challenge
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A link in an online forum advertises the best mobile app available - without further information about the content, without screenshot, without technical data. An IT professional would never click such a link. Or? Well, a large number of forum visitors have done it and thus launched a new avalanche of Android Ransomware.


Anatomy of a Ransomware Attack

Android Filecoder.C is the name of the blackmailer Trojan whose rapid spread ESET has been observing since mid-July. The strategy of the ransomware can now be understood relatively clearly: Via an infected link in online forums, the...

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"Cyberattacks are an opportunity in themselves."
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German companies and decision-makers are still hesitant when it comes to the digital transformation of their businesses. Especially in an international comparison, Germany is lagging behind. Innovations are only implemented when an (international) proof of concept has been provided. Where does this hesitation come from? 

Neff: I don't quite share this opinion in practice. Often it is not obvious to the outside world in which stages the digital transformation is taking place. The big success is still the unachieved goal, but many sub-areas - even those of the public sector - are...

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Securing Your Mobile Applications from Cyber Threats 
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Mobile applications are powerful business tools that facilitate communication, transactions, and business continuity. As smartphone usage increases over the world, there is an urgent need to secure applications for the protection of both user and company data. 

To ensure the perfect functioning of apps, it is essential for developers to put in place a mobile security testing strategy that will unearth any security loopholes and subsequently fix the issues to thwart any attempted hacking, tapping or other cyber threats. 


Why It Is Crucial To Test Mobile Security 


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Mobile Security - A priority in the modern age
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Whilst improving mobile security it is an IT department’s job to improve efficiency at the same time. It is not enough to simply build walls around an enterprise when so many companies are heavily reliant on the internet and outside collaboration. 

Mobile Security Should Not Hinder Business Processes
It is possible to use mobile devices to engage with new and existing customers using an efficient and flexible approach. Businesses both cannot afford to hinder this process with restrictive mobile security, or risk allowing mobile technology and mobility to provide chinks in their...

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How to optimize the security of your endpoint devices!
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The security expert Absolute Software puts an ITSM-solution on the market covering all integrated functions for the management and securing of terminal devices: The new 8.1 ITSM-solution. This solution is based on the Absolute-Unified-IT-concept which is aimed at the provision and application of a unified and simple IT- management.

This solution blends seamlessly with the existing solutions Absolute Manage and Absolute Computrace, making possible the management, securing, and surveillance of terminal devices over the Absolute-Service-operating panel. Moreover, this integration leads to a...

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Websense get Frost & Sullivan Award
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The market research and consulting company Frost & Sullivan assigns every year the renowned Customer Value Enhancement Award. This Award is allocated for companies and solutions / products that assure special usability and additional benefits for user and customer. For “Web & E-Mail Content Security”Frost & Sullivan nominated security specialist Websense and its integrated TRITON-solution.

Main points are its proactive security for advanced threats and data protection and the easy management. The TRITON-solution from Websense is a broad Web-, E-Mail- and mobile security solution...

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