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DigiCert Survey: The Corporate Losses Associated With the IoT Security
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The Internet of Things is currently ramping up, with 92% of companies indicating that it will be essential in the next two or three years. Organisations that are not prioritising the security for their Internet of Things deployments may encounter significant losses upwards of hundreds of millions of dollars.

The current state of the Internet of Things Security Survey by the DigiCert company explores common practices and security behaviours among the best firms. Here are the main findings of the survey. 


Main Findings 

The recent study from the DigiCert, Inc., which is a...

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Simply Clueless: Most People Aren't Afraid of Ransomware
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In a recent survey covering 3,000 computer users in USA and Canada, up to 85% of people said they weren't afraid of ransomware. Specifically they pointed out their refusal to pay a ransom, should they ever find their computer has been hi-jacked by ransomware. This is good! There are legitimate ways to get rid of this problem without endorsing the criminals behind it. However…

As many as 70% of the interviewed users admitted they don't actually know what is ransomware. This is not so good, since it suggests most users simply aren't afraid of this potential issue due to...

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Mobile Security - A priority in the modern age
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Whilst improving mobile security it is an IT department’s job to improve efficiency at the same time. It is not enough to simply build walls around an enterprise when so many companies are heavily reliant on the internet and outside collaboration. 

Mobile Security Should Not Hinder Business Processes
It is possible to use mobile devices to engage with new and existing customers using an efficient and flexible approach. Businesses both cannot afford to hinder this process with restrictive mobile security, or risk allowing mobile technology and mobility to provide chinks in their...

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Popular 2016 Cybersecurity Predictions
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Predicting the future for cybersecurity issues doesn't really require a crystal ball or psychic abilities. Some of the top IT security issues predicted for the year ahead and ongoing include:

Increased threats of attack, fraud or hacking/espionage

The Internet of Things is likely to become ever more fertile ground for malicious attacks. Many devices have a shortage of memory space or OS capabilities, leading to attacks on a variety of products, likely to include wearables collecting personal detail, coffee makers, cars, baby monitors and medical devices. Ransomware threats across...

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The Best Password Protection And Password Manager Software Of 2015
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A lot is said about the ineffectiveness of passwords, but the fact is that a long, complex and frequently changing password will stop most online malcontents at the gate, leaving only the security of your software and network as viable IT security attack points. Here are a few password managers you should try.


Norton Identity Safe

The Norton Internet Security program you install on your computer is slow, annoying frequently crashes and is buggy. Despite these facts, it keeps most threats off your computer. The same company makes Norton Identity safe, which is...

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Domino Effect of Cyber Attacks
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The movie Die Hard 4 showed what might happen if a small team of people make a cyber attack on the whole country. A recent study showed that this implausible plot line is not as farfetched as we thought, and that cyber attacks could pose a genuine threat to companies and countries. 

A survey revealed some shocking news

Of the 350 C-level executives and CISOs that were interviewed, over 74% claim cyber attacks on their companies’ networks would create serious damage and destruction. More than 21% admitted they were fearful it might happen at some point in their career. All...

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Big Data Security : Risks and Challenges
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Big Data Security : Risks and Challenges
The amount of information collected by business users has increased to such levels it's become known in modern terminology as big data. Companies are storing, analysing and extracting information from their big data repositories, and this provides a wealth of ongoing data that's invaluable for business use. However, this big data is also valuable to a range of additional and sophisticated Internet and computer experts, such as criminal groups or competitor businesses or organisations. 

Risks of Big Data Production, Storage and Usage...

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Mobile threats pose negligible risk to enterprise security, says Verizon
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Concerns about the risk posed to the enterprise by mobile threats are “truly negligible”, according to research from Verizon Enterprise Solutions.

( Source: www.computerweekly.com )
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