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Ransomware and Co: Mobile Security Remains a Challenge
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A link in an online forum advertises the best mobile app available - without further information about the content, without screenshot, without technical data. An IT professional would never click such a link. Or? Well, a large number of forum visitors have done it and thus launched a new avalanche of Android Ransomware.


Anatomy of a Ransomware Attack

Android Filecoder.C is the name of the blackmailer Trojan whose rapid spread ESET has been observing since mid-July. The strategy of the ransomware can now be understood relatively clearly: Via an infected link in online forums, the...

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How Android Apps are Using Ultra Sound to Track Users
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An alarming discovery by Brunswick Technical University researchers in Germany has been made regarding the use of ultrasonic tracking beacons in Android applications to track users and their surroundings. The research paper emphasised on the technology of ultrasound cross-device tracking (uXDT) which has become famous in the past three years. 

uXDT is a method that is used by advertisers through ads which hide ultrasounds. The moment the ad runs on a radio or TV, or some ad code on a computer or mobile, there are ultrasounds emitted which the microphone of the nearby device picks.


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More security for smartphones
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The new software BizzTrust promises more security for smartphones made in Germany. This software was developed since 2011 together with Fraunhofer SIT. After a successful pilotphase, this security solution is now available for companies and authorities.

But what makes BizzTrust this special and secure?

With this solution the smartphone will be separated in two different sectors. One sector is for private use, the second for company business, that guaranties much more security for company data. The private area could be used like a standard smartphone, but the business sector defines, what...

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How secure is payment via NFC?
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The number of smartphones with NFC technology is growing and more and more manufacturers and service provider are starting to use it. It is used for sending documents from smartphones to printers, as keycard to access offices or server rooms and a new service is payment using NFC.

In some other countries NFC is already in use for payment. In German companies are starting to build up an infrastructure for NFC payment. Shell for example wants to use NFC payment in 2014 for its 2200 gas stations.

But even if this technology is available for lot of uses, there is still some mistrust for using it...

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