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Password for entry into the US
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In an effort to regulate those entering the US, authorities may require entrants to provide the passwords they use to access their social networks. Those who fail to meet these requirements may be denied entry into the country if the entry ban, which is still being debated in court, is to be passed. While the decision by US President Donald Trump barring citizens from seven Muslim countries from entry in the US is still pending, the Trump administration seems resigned to a defeat. This has prompted the announcement of stricter entry controls to limit the number of people entering the US....

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Identity2Go thanks to new Phishing wave by face book
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It has never been easier. Identity2Go, in German “Identitäten zum Mitnehmen“ constitutes the new trend in Pishing circles. Anybody who is anybody tries to tap access data via wide-ranging social networks .in order to meet new friends, preferably concentrating on the top dog in the field of social networking. With a bit of expertise it is easier as never before to make new friend with which to make money.

Especially the use of mobile terminals proves very helpful, as they tempt to quickly click on links since one is not always displayed all information. Besides, often, those devices do not...

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The sensitive use of social networks
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Social networks are part of daily life. If you use Facebook, Twitter, Xing, LinkedIn or whatever. For business you can use Xing and LinkedIn to get business contacts or Facebook in your free time to stay in contact with friends.

But most users are not aware of risks using these networks in their daily life. SpaceNet has made a workshop where they have shown their clients how easy it is to use these networks for criminal intrigues. Lot of the clients were surprised about the results.

Most people know to be careful about the things you are posting. Bad posting or drunken photos from last...

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